VIX in the Driver’s Seat…Again

We’ve had a nice bounce in most of our charts since reaching downside targets. AAPL has risen a decent 7% since reaching our 144.48 target on Jan 3. COMP has spiked a more impressive 12.2% since slightly overshooting our 6222.48 target.   RB has recovered 14.7% since reaching 1.2603 and CL has spiked an impressive 22.2% since reaching our 43.46 target.

But, the most impressive of all is VIX, which at yesterday’s lows had moved 46% since reaching our 34.97 target on Dec 24.  Yesterday, VIX reached our 19.64 target, which places it squarely in the driver’s seat in terms of the overall market which, by all counts, is nearing an important inflection point.continued for members


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