Yelping for Fun and Profit

Regular readers have heard me discuss the ongoing battle between “the powers that be” and truth sayers.  TPTB make more money when markets are going up.  They love the status quo.  They love assumptions that you can plug into a spreadsheet and take to the bank. They love steadily rising markets that encourage consumers to … continue reading →

Does the National Debt Matter?

My call to American Express the other day… Nancy:  American Express, this is Nancy.  How may I help you? Me:       Hi, Nancy, I’m calling to request an increase in my credit line.Nancy:  Okay, I’m looking at your account, here… how much were you thinking about?Me:       I’d like to double it.Nancy:  Double?  That’s … continue reading →

Beware the Lies of March

Feeling bullish?  Excited about auto sales after headlines like these? Take a closer look.  From GM’s own investor relations website: Notice the 3.9% year-over-year decline from Feb 2011?  How about the 2.2% decline versus ytd 2011?  They’re made all the more negative when you consider the channel stuffing going on.  Channel stuffing, for those who … continue reading →

Why Worry?

Those wacky Fed governors are at it again — Bullard going on about how housing won’t recover for years, and Williams pounding the table for aggressive stimulation (QE.)  Big surprise, but the dollar is plunging — even as a House bill is introduced to strip the Fed of half its mandate (the stimulation half) and … continue reading →