Intra-day: August 3, 2011

ADDENDUM:  10:35 PM EDT: Thanks to ewtnewbie for this question on Daneric’s excellent EW blog: Pebble, love your stuff.  I’m glad you cleaned up your Fib chart–it was getting hard to read.  I haven’t redrawn mine yet, but are you thinking today as ‘a’ up, with ‘b’ and ‘c’ to come to get to 1270ish–or … continue reading →

Intra-day: August 1, 2011

UPDATE:  3:00 PM EDT In coming back to the -2 std deviation line of our regression channel at today’s low of 1274.73, we’ve finally completed one of the H&S; patterns I’ve been following.  This one has a sloping neckline (blue, dotted), and is the 2nd cousin to the one everyone’s been watching.  Here’s a peek: … continue reading →

Just made an interesting discovery, that led to an even more interesting discovery. I’ve been watching the VIX calls, and in fact am very happily invested in the August 25’s at .50.  Last night, someone pointed out that the in the money calls were trading below intrinsic value.  A few minutes ago, with the index … continue reading →