Is the Market About to be De-FAANGed?

Bottom line, they’re all looking pretty vulnerable at this point…

AMZN shows negative divergence and a bearish RSI channel.Ditto for NFLX.
AAPL is due to drop through its SMA200 — never a very bullish development for any stock.

And, FB has yet to make it back above its neckline — or, any support, really.  If the SMA10 goes…shareholders could be Zucked.

And, while not officially part of the acronym, TSLA has certainly enjoyed its share of animal spirits.  Despite Elon sleeping on the floor, the stock hasn’t been able to remain above its H&S neckline.If/when the leadership goes, things could get pretty ugly.

Stay tuned.

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P.S. Added to the list on Apr 24…



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