Charts I’m Watching: Jul 18, 2014

Back in the saddle today, but lots of catching up to do.  Here’s the basic situation:

2014-07-18-ES 60 0600

SPX fell to a TL and Fib that could legitimately serve as a bottom for this move.  On the other hand, a drop to the purple .886 — also a channel midline — would be more definitive.

We got the usual ramp job overnight, though it started very early in the afternoon this time.  It was good for a 16-pt bounce off yesterday’s bottom — completely based on USDJPY manipulation.  ES has almost reached the SMA20 at 1961.  SPX’s is at 1967.

The bottom, BTW, would have been more appropriate at 1940-1941 — a trio of Fib levels.  But, the algos don’t much care about Fibs…  If you’re a cash market trader who stayed short into the close based on the huge geopolitical events going on, you have HFT/algos to thank for screwing you over yet again.  It’s a big reason for why the “market” is broken, and volume has disappeared. Write your congressman.  Seriously.

2014-07-18-ES 5 0615

No POMO today, but it is OPEX.  More later if there’s time.  GLTA.

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