Update on EURUSD: July 6, 2012

The euro is again hanging by a thread.  Recall it already broke down from and is back-testing a big channel (solid red, below) that dates back to 1997.  Its weekly RSI, however, looks like it could have some life left in it.

First, I should make clear that I think the euro zone is toast.  The only thing holding it together right now is Germany’s indecision as to whether it’ll save money in the long run by going its own way.

But, one of these days, investors will turn their attention back to the US dollar.  When that happens, there’s a fair chance that the American problems will be judged to be every bit as serious as the EZ’s.  In the end, it’s a dirty shirt contest and either currency could take first prize — especially if everything starts melting down — stocks, bonds, metals alike.

With that said, let’s look at the charts. 


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