Analog Watch: May 13, 2022

Friday the 13th – an inauspicious day to break a new analog!  With SPX nailing our downside target and futures breaking out of the falling wedge pattern yesterday, we’re off to the races. These things don’t always work out. But, when they do, it can be a career-making trading opportunity. The one which worked out … continue reading →


Just because we’re seeing an economic slowdown amidst very high inflation in a Fed tightening cycle against the backdrop of a war that could draw the US into armed conflict…doesn’t mean the market has to react rationally. Stocks were up sharply yesterday because they’re still driven largely by algorithms. And, yesterday, the algos were focused on … continue reading →

The Ukraine Crisis Worsens

Russian troops entered Eastern Ukraine following its formal recognition of the two separatist regions, marking an escalation in the seriousness of the Ukraine crisis.  Futures fell over 94 points from Friday’s close before the algos kicked in and are now down less than 10 as we approach the open. continued for members… … continue reading →