NYA Update – June 3, 2012

The May 8 forecast for NYA was for the index to plunge from 7815 to 7340.  The forecast worked out well, as Friday’s low was 7286 (a quick 7% return, yay!)  As noted in that update, 7340 doesn’t really match up with any particular Fibonacci levels.  And, it doesn’t intersect with the rising wedge until early August (the highlighted oval.)

I didn’t really see it taking that long to play out, and the market obliged for a change.  It also obliged by precisely tagging the fan line I had drawn off the Oct 2007 top (yellow, dashed) and one of the parallel horizontal channel lines (redrawn as red, dashed line E for emphasis.)

We still haven’t landed exactly on a Fib level, so we either just overshot the .500 or haven’t yet reached the .618 target of  7145.  Deciding which it is presents some interesting questions.



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