Nobody Saw it Coming

The financial press usually starts to take things seriously about this point in a correction. The permabulls aren’t calling bottoms any more, while the bears are licking their chops. It never fails, someone on TV says something like “no one saw this coming.”

It’s silly, of course. What they mean is that they didn’t see it coming. Plenty of others did. Some, like us, saw it months ago. This was our Jan 3, 2022 ES chart, illustrating the downside case.

We reiterated the target, called the bounce over, and nailed down the timeline in late March.

Now, as we finally approach ES 3997, it seems that more and more mainstream bulls and trend followers are getting bearish (better late than never.)The risk, of course, is that excessively bearish sentiment would stoke another bounce and postpone the 3997 tag. VIX has some thoughts about that.

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