Charts I’m Watching: Dec 17, 2012

We got the bounce we talked about Friday afternoon, coming at the .618 of the last move up (the Crab completed Wednesday, in red) as well as the last wave down (in white, below.)

We discussed not playing this bounce until SPX has cleared 1420, which it did this morning.  Even so, I would be cautious in chasing after it.  While the potential is to 1429-1435, as detailed Friday, this is almost certainly just a bounce — nothing more.  And, the next wave down will be swift and severe — particularly if AAPL continues to show weakness this morning.

For those who opened a small protective position as we discussed Friday, the two most likely upside targets are a yellow channel line or a significant Fib retracement of the last wave down.

The tightest version of the yellow channel is shown below.  This version ignores the last 10 points of the mid-November plunge.  A stop at the 25% channel line would mean a bounce to only around 1423 — not much of a back-test for the just broken white channel or rising wedge (in purple, below.)

But a better fit, IMO, would mean including all of the mid-November bottom.  Under this scenario, the yellow channel midline at around 1428 (the purple .618) would be the more likely lower end of the range for the bounce — with a full .786 or .886 (1432-1435) retracement representing the upper end of the range.

If AAPL gets a bounce at 500 this morning, look for this scenario to play out — with SPX’s bounce forming a nice A-B-C wave into the shaded area below.  A stop in the shaded target area would get the downside going, with the next stop around the white .886 around 1402.

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