What Now, VIX?

VIX has been playing cat and mouse with traders for months, now.  We’ve seen numerous head-fakes — breakouts which might have signaled sell-offs, that were quickly slammed back down below overhead resistance.

As I wrote last month [VIX: Just Another Tool], this has become the norm for this once reliable indicator of risk in the markets.  So, traders could be forgiven for believing this latest breakout is just another ruse.2017-01-19 VIX v ES 60 0600

Today marks the 11th session in a row where ES has opened and/or closed within 2 points of where its SMA10 now resides (2266.70.)  Aside from a brief dip that was quickly corrected by the last VIX smackdown (Dec 30 – Jan 6), it has gone essentially nowhere.  Perhaps it’s time for a little excitement. 2017-01-19 ES daily 0635

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