Update on Natural Gas: Sep 14, 2015

NG recently completed a large Bat Pattern (though it came up a bit shy of our actual target: 2.443 vs 2.425.) That pattern completion is normally good for a bounce to at least the .618 Fib, which is at 3.656.2015-09-14 NG daily 2000But, like CL, NG is being artificially suppressed in order to facilitate a cheaper yen.  When it comes to Japan, it remains to be seen whether central bankers can handle that kind of inflationary pressure.

If, instead, they wish to manipulate it lower, the white channel bottom down around 2.00 would make a nice downside target.  Note the strong channel support from 1999 in the long-term chart below.2015-09-14 NG weekly 2000


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