Update on DJIA: Nov 20, 2014

DJIA was poised to reverse at 17,030 — a back test of a broken rising wedge and a .786 Fib.  It had already put in a .786 move to the downside, indicating a possible Butterfly Pattern to 14,788 or Crab to 14,085 (light blue grid below.)

Then Kuroda decided to kick bears in the balls with his surprise Oct 31 announcement of much more currency and stock market manipulation. Like SPX, DJIA regained the broken rising wedge and going on to make new highs.

2014-11-20 DJI daily 1300As USDJPY has continued to ramp higher, so has DJIA.  As it now stands, it has broken out of an extremely significant rising wedge (dating back to 2000) …

2014-11-20 DJI daily big 1300…and is closing in on another that points to 18,274.

2014-11-20 DJI weekly 1300

The megaphone pattern is severely dented — which was, of course, the whole point of Kuroda’s action.  Whether or not the breakout is maintained will be revealed in the coming weeks, and will depend largely on whether USDJPY reverses at 118-120.

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