Update on Bonds: Oct 9, 2014

We are nearing potential resistance on the 10-yr: the .886 of the drop from May to September, 2013.

The big picture…

2014-10-09-ZN daily big 0500

Closer up:

2014-10-09-ZN daily big 0500

An intra-day reversal at 126’310ish could be beneficial to stocks.

2014-10-09-ZN daily ECU 0500

From a yield perspective, we popped through a channel midline and an .886.  It could be an aberration occasioned by the FOMC algo bonanza yesterday.

2014-10-09-TNX daily ECU 0500

But, if TPTB somehow loses their grip, it fits with the much lower potential.

2014-10-09-TNX daily big 0500










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