The Waiting Game

SPX finally reached our yellow target yesterday, slipping just past 2127.59 and testing our resolve before reversing into the close.  From yesterday’s member section:

Recall that Thursday’s highs came up just short of a .886 tag, so it’s entirely possible that SPX will make it back to 2127.59.  We’ll set that as our upside target for now. For wave watchers, it would constitute a truncated 5th wave in a very mild 3rd from the 2072 lows [or, taking the bearish view, a completed C wave in the corrective wave from 2072.]

2015-06-23-SPX 60 0610 While investors wait patiently for the latest great news out of Greece, currencies are racing around like crazy.  The euro is taking a beating…

2015-06-23-EURUSD daily 0610…which has sent the dollar soaring…2015-06-23-DX daily 0610…which, of course, is boosting USDJPY…2015-06-23-USDJPY 60 0610…which is enabling the eminis to cling to a slight gain.  But, will it hold?

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