The Market’s Evil Twin

If you’re a chartist, there are two distinct markets to deal with.  Both are predictable, but only one is enjoyable.   Friday, when SPX nailed our 2090 downside target, closely following the path we laid hours earlier, was fun.

Then…there’s the market’s evil twin.  It’s driven by algorithms that respond to manipulation in CL and USDJPY prices — a clear case of the tail wagging the dog.  Consider the night of June 5, when CL futures, after having struggled to push past a key Fibonacci level for several weeks, departed from a falling channel to push up and out of a rising channel.2016-06-13 CL v ES 60 0610Never mind that CL is back below the rising white channel top and is even contemplating reentering the falling purple channel.  Never mind that it burned bears by driving ES 22 points higher over the next three sessions.  And, never mind that it’s back below the white .618 Fib level at 48.63.

The point is, it established new highs for ES and SPX — meaning that all those nifty bearish harmonic patterns that reinforced the bearish chart patterns got busted.  It’s a common occurrence, and one that makes charting a lot tougher than it was a few years ago.

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