Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

kevinUSDJPY’s triangle continues to punish stocks, alternating between bruising sell-offs and warm embraces.  Futures are off about 16 at the moment — but, are just getting started.

But, it’s NKD that continues to draw my focus.  It broke through the TL of support from previous lows and is closing in on our target from two weeks ago [see: Update on Nikkei, Sep 10, 2015.]

I don’t know whether the BoJ is one of the cloaked paddlers or one of the ones grabbing their ankles.  But, either way, NKD is the target of this particular hazing.  At some point, TJPTB (The Japanese Powers That Be) is bound to cry oji!

2015-09-24 NKD daily 0615continued for members


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