Charts I’m Watching: Feb 11, 2013

It was a beautiful weekend here on the central California coast.  Seems like everyone was out surfing, golfing, taking walks on the beach — at least that’s what I heard.  I spent the weekend poring over ECRI’s Weekly Leading Indicators for the past 30 years. Okay, in the interest of fair disclosure, Friday night was … continue reading →

Is It or Isn’t It a Recession?

ECRI’s Weekly Leading Indicator (WLI) came out Friday at 130.2 — up from 129.6 the week before.  Further, they reported that the index’s annualized growth rate increased from 8.2 the previous week to 8.9% — the highest since May 2010.  I wondered: are they retracting their Sep 2011 recession forecast?  Are things really getting better? … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Feb 5, 2013

The dollar is taking a breather after a strong reversal off the latest .886 and channel bottom, but appears ready to break out. The EURUSD back-tested the broken channel line and rising wedge lower bound, and is likely about done. SPX fell 19-pts after we shorted last Friday.  We positioned for an intra-day bounce, but … continue reading →

Now What?

First, a quick overview… The dollar got clobbered overnight, knocking it temporarily out of the white channel that’s guided it since Jan 11. But, interestingly, its RSI channel is doing just fine, thank you. The EURUSD continues to levitate, but still hasn’t broken the last important interim top put in on Feb 24.  It is … continue reading →

Should We “Like” Facebook?

The last time I posted about FB was October 24 [see: CIW Oct 24, 2012], when I happened to hear Donald Trump repeatedly mention the stock as he was being interviewed about something else all together. BTW, interesting chart on Facebook.  I knew something was up when I heard Donald Trump touting the stock on … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Dec 10, 2012

The market continues to walk a tightrope between another leg up and a very significant tumble.  We’ve been here many times before in the past year, and it isn’t getting any more fun.  To recap… We remain short from 1423 on Dec 3 [see: Without a Net].  This was target A established in our Oct … continue reading →