Speaking of Charting…

airportI’ll be traveling on the East Coast the first two weeks of July, visiting clients as well as taking a few days to visit family.  My current itinerary calls for stops in Philadelphia, New York and Hartford between July 5-8 and in Boston July 14-16.

While I’m traveling, my daily posts will consist of a morning outlook and an evening review.  There should be a lot to talk about!

If you’d like to book some time to discuss markets and study charting just drop me an email [CLICK HERE] with your name, location, and 3-4 proposed dates/times.

Include in your email how many people will attend, their level of investment acumen, and any particular topics you’d like to cover.  My regular hourly consult rate applies, though group rates are also available.

If your group includes non-members, they’ll have the opportunity to apply their attendance fee towards a membership which is priced at a very attractive rate.

After we’ve settled on a time/place, CLICK HERE to navigate to the Sign Me Up! page, then click on the CONSULT button.  At that point, you’ll be confirmed.   Appointments are first-come, first-served.

If you’d like to meet up for something more casual, just drop me a line.



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