So Far, So Good


Friday we reversed right on target, tagging our trio of tightly-packed downside targets (1344-1348) before heading up.  This morning, we’re seeing the continuation of the next leg of our forecast.

The dollar, which broke down from its rising wedge earlier in the week, came back and tagged its apex before reversing.  The next move should be to test the channel bottom.

The EURUSD is a little ahead of the game, testing the bounds of the little channel it’s been in for about a month after breaking out of its falling wedge last Wednesday.

Stocks appear well on their way to our first upside target of about 1380.  Look for SPX to at least pause around 1379-1383.   This was the chart Friday morning.

And, here we are today, having reached our IH&S target in the first hour of trading.

UPDATE:  11:00 AM

As we discussed Friday, 1381.50 was perhaps the most significant level in our target range mentioned above.

Those who’ve been paying close attention will remember 1381.50 as the .786 of the 1576-666 crash.  So, there’s an extremely good chance we’ll get some sort of reaction there.  It’s also the .786 of the last wave down from 1391 to 1343.

But, a reaction at 1381.50 has even greater implications.

….786 reversals…frequently lead to Butterfly Patterns that extend to the 1.272 or 1.618 Fib level — 1404 and 1421 respectively.

The implications for the market if/when we reach those levels are huge.  I spent the weekend revising my primary forecast, and will devote the balance of today’s post to what I expect over the next six weeks — which should usher in the most dramatic moves since the summer of 2011.

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UPDATE:  11:30 AM

Okay, let’s get on to the forecast.

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