Pebblewriter Results Update: Jan – Jun 2015

Beginning in January 2015, I resumed identifying potential turning points in SPX based on my harmonic, chart pattern, analog and technical analysis.  The data shown below are the results of that research.

Up until July 2013, I had tallied monthly performance figures based on specific intra-day long/short calls for SPX.  I then took an 18-month break from daily posting to actively manage a hedge fund.

In January 2015, I resumed daily posting that identified anticipated turning points.  This gradually evolved into specific long/short alerts, culminating in late June with the availability of memberships and the return of the much-beloved blue boxes.

How well any individual member fares with our forecasts will depend on the type and effectiveness of trading they do.  I, for instance, am a much better forecaster than trader.

Regardless, it’s my opinion that, whether you’re an active trader or a buy-and-hold investor, knowing potential turning points, periods of elevated danger, etc. is much better than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

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Note:  These results are by no means intended to indicate the results that current or future subscribers might achieve.  See full disclosures at the site’s Results Page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.52.35 PMA Quick Summary

January was an outstanding month as the “market” was allowed to settle after a flurry of algo-inspired moves designed to generate a positive year-end in 2014.

February was in equal parts dismal. It took me most of the month to figure out the CL algo nonsense that was sharing duty with USDJPY in driving prices higher.

March made more sense once I understood the CL algos better; though, the latter part of the month was consumed with big picture work on the current analog.

April was even more consumed with the analog and a confusing series of higher highs that kept busting harmonic patterns, one after the other.

May was significantly easier, as the day-to-day intentions of USDJPY and CL was much more apparent.

And, June was terrific. As the analog played out, I was able to focus more on swing moves rather than very short-term trades.  I began offering memberships again, and started using the “blue boxes” to alert members to changes in my stance.

July is shaping up even better, with interim results of around 11% at mid-month.

Note: I recently altered the format of the daily “trading” log (available on the site’s RESULTS page) to include multiple upside and downside targets that are often in play.  It’s faster and easier to maintain, which allows me to track the effectiveness of any particular strategy.

And, now that we’re caught up through the first half of the year, I’ll post each month’s results within a week or so of the following month. Please feel free to offer any suggestions that will make the site more useful.


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