On the Cusp

CLICK HERE for details on our new membership promotion.  The faster you jump on it, the more you save!  *  *  * SPX reversed at the very last possible moment, yesterday, before the meltup could be labeled a breakout.  For now, we remain nervously short from 2361.32 for what should be at least a 10-pt … continue reading →

Q1 2017 Results

Our first quarter total came in at 26.17% versus 5.53% for the S&P 500.  This brings our average monthly return to 8.39% for 2017 YTD and to 14.58% for the period since Jan 2015. While Q1 returns were lower than those earned in 2015 and 2016, there has been significantly less volatility these past few … continue reading →

Sometimes You’re the Bug

Note: First quarter 2017 results have been posted.  For the latest, including news about a membership promotion starting today, CLICK HERE. Sometimes you’re the windshield, Sometimes you’re the bug. Sometimes it all comes together baby, Sometimes you’re a fool in love. Sometimes you’re the Louisville Slugger, Sometimes you’re the ball. Sometimes it all comes together … continue reading →

The Trouble With Meltups

The trouble with low-volume meltups driven entirely by algos is that they lack a strong foundation.  So, troubling economic, political or military news often unwind them — after hours, of course.  Such was the case with yesterday’s melt-up. There’s no shortage of bad news this morning: a new UK election, horrid factory output, oil’s production cut in … continue reading →

More of the Same?

Despite an initial 10-pt surge, SPX came within 0.48 of our next downside target on Thursday — despite attempts by USDJPY, VIX and CL to prop it up. Now, even with the futures up several points, it appears the downside might not be done.  After tagging the SMA200, USDJPY has dropped below it to our next lower … continue reading →

Trump Falls in Line

Trump, who rode to the White House on promises to fix healthcare, avoid foreign wars, embrace Russia, dis NATO, label China a currency manipulator, rebuild infrastructure, slash taxes and upend the Federal Reserve is well on his way to reverting to the same stance as nearly every other mainstream politician in recent memory. Yesterday, he declared that … continue reading →

Website Maintenance

I’ve had occasional capacity issues that my web hosting service assures me can be fixed with a little maintenance on their end. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.  But, I’d like to know asap if it doesn’t.  If you encounter any issues logging in or navigating the site over the next few hours, please take a moment … continue reading →

Charts I’m Watching: Apr 12, 2017

As we noted yesterday, SPX is hanging on by the skin of its teeth to a breakout.  Despite an 18-pt intraday plunge, it recovered by the end of the session thanks to a timely decline in VIX and rally in WTI.  Will it be enough to keep the trend intact? continued for members… … continue reading →