The Rubber Meets the Road

The great thing about low inflation is that central bankers can continue accommodative monetary policy without too much criticism.  Stocks love easy money. The crummy thing about low inflation is that it makes it that much tougher to prop up the US dollar.  For some reason, investors just don’t believe the FOMC will keep hiking rates … continue reading →

Snow Day!

I wanted to title today’s post “Snow Job” in honor of yesterday’s FOMC minutes.  But, it felt a little snarky, even for me.  If you haven’t read the minutes, here’s a quick synopsis: We don’t understand why inflation’s not at 2% yet, but we’re going to continue to raise rates anyway. We will continue to … continue reading →

A Good Start?

ES’ latest rising channel broke down rather decisively on Friday.  ES closed well below its SMA10 and almost tagged its SMA20 — a feat it hasn’t accomplished since Nov 20.This morning, the futures have pushed back above the SMA10, hinting at a full recovery.  Yet, as we’ve discussed, there are several factors that might prove … continue reading →