USD/JPY: How Low Can it Go?

Whether you’re Toyota or an investor in distressed Japanese debt, the USD/JPY relationship has rocked your world over the past few years.  I’m no expert on the Japanese economy, but I find the Yen’s chart patterns pretty straight-forward.  First, the view from 35,000 feet: Weekly since 1996 The most prominent features are the falling channel … continue reading →

2011 v 2008: Day 125

UPDATE:  4:00 PM Heading off for the weekend and probably won’t get to post.  One last thought… in looking at the rising wedge we’re in, the apex seems to be around 1340-1350.  Wedges can and do expand (as this one has, many times).  But, breakouts typically occur around the .66 mark, which in this case … continue reading →