RUT: How it Got Here, Where it’s Going

About a month ago, as part of the series of charts inspired by our latest analog [see: Analog Details Feb 7, 2018] I hazarded a forecast for RUT that called for a rebound to the rising white channel (which had recently broken down) by Feb 14, a retracement on Mar 1, and a subsequent rally … continue reading →

You, Again?

Fourteen out of the last 22 sessions, the eminis have reversed at or passed through the 2.24 extension at 2728.79.  There’s no question that it’s important.  The question is whether stocks are ready to push on through or need to gather more momentum first. Our analog [see: Analog Watch, Feb 6] has been very accurate … continue reading →

Does the Yield Curve Matter? A Closer Look

I called a top in SPX on May 20, 2015 [see: The Last Big Butterfly] because it was about to reach the 1.618 Fib extension at 2138 — our upside target from way back in 2012.  SPX peaked the following day and fell over 300 points before it was all over. What I didn’t notice … continue reading →

A Break or a Breakdown?

The 10Y yield has clearly broken trend as expected, with a couple of Fib tests the only things standing between it and our downside targets.  Our 28.56 upside target from Jan 10 [see: China – It’s Not Me, It’s You] has officially yielded. This is what stocks were waiting for — a sign that interest … continue reading →

Why Rising Rates Are a Problem This Time

A sharp drop in interest rates has traditionally been a negative for stocks.  The chart below shows that most significant declines in 10-year yields over the years were associated with steep drops in the S&P 500.  Usually, equity losses precipitated the drops in yield.  As stock declines accelerate, money flows into bonds — raising prices … continue reading →