CPI: The Games Continue

Everyone who drives knows that gas prices increased more than 3% month-over-month  – the official, seasonally adjusted numbers from the BLS in this morning’s CPI report.  Data put together by non-governmental sources confirms it.But, folks like GasBuddy and AAA aren’t responsible for cost of living adjustments for millions of Americans.  So, unlike the BLS, they … continue reading →

PPI Spells Trouble

Another day, another ramp job.  Yesterday’s oil and gas price recovery wasn’t enough to help stocks break out.  But, VIX’s dip below horizontal support was more than up to the task.There’s just one problem – inflation. Ignore the seasonally-adjusted PPI poppycock and look beneath the hood.  Petroleum products rose 21.7%.  That was an understatement, but … continue reading →

The Yield Curve: An Update

Short and sweet this time…  Previous bounces off the 10s2s yield curve lows haven’t turned out that well for equities. related posts: Oil & Gas, Inflation and Interest Rates: Delicate Balance or Goal Seeking? Update on Bonds: Apr 27, 2018 Does the Yield Curve Matter? A Closer Look … continue reading →