Our Unrigged Markets

So, you’re sitting at the Citadel trading desk, minding the Fed’s your own business, planning your weekend, when alarms suddenly start ringing. You glance up and notice the market is in danger of closing in the red for the day.  Not good!

2014-12-05-ES 5 min 1250You scan the monitors, and sure enough, VIX crept back up above last week’s lows!  Jinkies!

2014-12-05-VIX 15 1238Fortunately, you have at your disposal the ability to turn it all around in a jiffy with just the click of a mouse.

2014-12-05-VIX 1 1251A few seconds later… VIX monkey-hammered by 5.3%, SPX closes up 3.45 on the day.

2014-12-05-SPX 5 min 1305The universe is safe for democracy.  The American way of life is preserved for at least one more weekend.  Time to celebrate!


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