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Old Deep Thoughts clips from SNL…

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 5.55.38 PM

Does the national debt matter?   If the Pope falls in the woods, does a rolling bear hear it?


The best candidate not in the race for president…


George Carlin’s unique insight into American politics, education and economics.  The language is, of course, somewhat “colorful.”  Hey, it’s George.


Math humor… but, it’s kinda freaky, huh?

That infamous Ranshofen ranter, not known for being terribly broad-minded, weighs in on hyperinflation…

Abenomics — So clever, you might think that the Pentagon had thunk this one up…

Sure, you could buy a dozen pens for $17.26, but don’t be a chump!  Buy 2 refills for only $983.99!


How do they do it?  Simple.  Note the source:  Cool Japan!
Thanks, Abe!

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