I’ve had several inquiries in the past couple of weeks regarding memberships to this website.  While I haven’t provided intra-day calls on the site for well over a year, I have quietly continued to publish daily observations and viewpoints on short and longer-term moves in key indices, instruments and currency pairs.

I have found that updating my charts on a daily basis helps me in other endeavors, and so will continue to do so for at least the time being — whatever that ends up translating into.

Many moons ago I set the monthly fee at $250/month — really to discourage additional memberships as I didn’t want to be locked in to publishing the website over the long-term.  But, since I continue to post daily anyway, I have decided continue offering memberships.  I have reduced the pricing to $100/month for subscriptions only.

This means that when you sign up through Paypal on THIS PAGE, you are automatically granted access to all membership-only pages and posts for as long as you continue to subscribe.  Paypal will debit your account $100 monthly until you tell them (not me) to stop — at which point your access will expire.

I can only offer this pricing because the billing and site access is automated.  If it gets too unwieldy again, I might have to discontinue it.  The one exception is for current Annual Charter members whose membership is about to expire. You may, of course, renew at your original rate.  Just DROP US A LINE and we’ll set up a monthly subscription that reflects your original pricing.

Also, it’s very difficult for me to respond to questions and suggestions during the trading day.  In addition, we have attracted a small number of trolls and spammers. Therefore, comments are being moderated and will be addressed/approved at the end of the day rather than intra-day.  I will do my best to respond to everyone as quickly as possible and will post the comments that might be of interest to everyone.

Last, I have found it very useful in the past to be able to examine, say, a 15-min chart from several years ago. I am therefore having all 1,250 posts dating back to May 2, 2011 (except the most recent few weeks) unprotected and archived. When completed, they will be available to anyone who wants to go back and research a particular point in time.


* * * * *

Note: this pricing can be changed at any time, and is subject to cancellation without notice.  If I should discontinue publishing the site at some point in the future, your site access would only continue during the remaining portion of the month for which you’ve paid.  Please see our Disclosures and Use Agreement for complete details.


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