Membership Sale!

Welcome to our new Membership Sale!

This has become something of a tradition for  We’ve done a few of them now, and they have proven very popular with both new and returning members.  It’ll run for the next few days.  The terms are pretty straightforward:

  • $1,099 annual rate – 33% off the regular annual rate, and 50% off a year of monthly payments
  • your Rate will Never Increase as long as you remain a member
  • a Free Report on a security of your choice (as long as it’s available on TOS)

Ready to sign up?  Click HERE.

What’s New

This last feature is new.  Charter annual members will receive a free technical analysis report on the stock of their choice.  It will consist of 2-3 pages of charts and commentary, including 20-yr, 5-7 year and 1-year charts as well as a forecast for both bullish and bearish scenarios.  This same service will be rolled out to existing members in mid-October.

Lots of folks have a sizable position in certain stocks — the company where they work or used to work — and can benefit from knowing what the charts indicate about the future.  As always, no guarantees.  But, I’ll give you a couple hours of my best thoughts on the matter.

I’m also offering the same service as a stand-alone option to prospective members.  It will be coupled with a one-month trial membership — something folks inquire about almost every day.  The cost is $249, which is about $0.25/share on a 1,000 share position.

Help Me Help You

One other note: I do no advertising on  There are no banner or pop-up ads.  I don’t sell or rent your email address or any other information to third parties.  I hate that kind of stuff, and assume you do, too.

So, I rely on current members to bring in new members. That’s why I offer great incentives to refer friends and business associates to the site ($300 each during this promotion.)  In fact, if every member brought in a new one, we could probably discontinue these promotions!

If you enjoy the site, please spread the word.  It will benefit you directly (the $300!) and probably even more indirectly.  The closer I get to my membership goal, the more bells and whistles I can offer all of you.

What I hope you won’t do is screen-grab charts and commentary and share them, or your log-in information, with non-members.  It only dilutes the value of your membership, as I spend a good 30-minutes/day unlocking folks’ accounts when they share with non-members “just this once.”

What’s Next

Back to bells and whistles: my wish list includes an administrator, improved web design, live conference calls, videos, etc.  These are all things that cost time and money, but are easily attainable as our membership grows.

I’m currently about 1/3 of the way towards my membership goal (a closely-guarded number that’s strongly correlated with my three daughters’ college and wedding plans.)  It doesn’t really compare to what I could make by returning to Wall St., but I like working for all of you instead of “the machine.”

Most of you have probably noticed our rates are increasing monthly.  This is according to plan, which calls for an annual rate of $2,500 by Jan 1.  And, I’ll probably discontinue offering monthly, quarterly or semi-annual subscriptions unless I get an administrator on board.  So, if you or someone you know is thinking about a membership, this would be an excellent time to take action.


Last, thanks for all of your support.  These last few months have been ridiculously volatile and seemingly without direction.  Please believe me when I say it’s as bothersome for me as it is for you.  While the volatility has generated some really great results, it’s just plain tiring.  And, those of you who can’t stare at your computer all day long often miss out on some attractive opportunities.

Ever since USDJPY (the primary engine for higher prices) topped out in December, stocks have been whipsawed incessantly.  It’s hard to say what, exactly, the BoJ is going to do.  But, it shouldn’t be too much longer.  At that point, I expect to be able to focus more on trending prices and less on intra-day swings.

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