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It came a day early — I charted it as Oct 8 back on the 25th [see: USDJPY’s Triangle Breaks] — but, today’s the day we find out whether or not our latest analog is worth a darn.  Yes, the 50-day moving average will be tagged this morning.

Last night, the BoJ punted on additional QQE (at this time, as we expected) and USDJPY plunged back below the key 120.11 Fib.

After seeing the effect on stocks, though (ES was off 22 points from yesterday’s highs) it was quick to find its way back — and without even testing the bottom of the pennant pattern.2015-10-07 USDJPY 60 0600Thanks to that, as well as CL breaking to a new interim high [see yesterday’s post], ES ramped overnight to tag its SMA50.  2015-10-07 CL 60 0600SPX will clearly follow along on the opening.  The big question is whether or not it’ll stick.

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