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With the holiday-shortened hours today, I’ll focus on catching up on some secondary charts.  In the meantime, look for ES to backtest the SMA20 at 2077ish and for CL to regulate whether it dips much lower than that.

It has a chance to break out on a small, completed IH&S (purple) on Wednesday.  It backed off, choosing instead to wait until yesterday when it completed a larger IH&S (red) — which it also failed to follow through on.2015-11-27 SPX 5 0633CL is repeating last week’s pattern of dipping overnight.  The question is always whether or not it’ll rebound back to the rising purple channel, ramping stocks higher in time for the close. 2015-11-27 CL 60 0641For its part, USDJPY is poking up above the falling white channel top — with the key word being “falling.”  The regular pre-opening ramp has been underway since 3am.  One would think traders would catch on to this pattern of rallying during NYSE market hours, followed by new lows.

But, traders are far outweighed by the influence of algos, which care not about such things.  When USDJPY rallies, they’re right there with it.  Though a concurrently falling CL, as we’ve seen, can outweigh the bullish impact.2015-11-27 USDJPY 60 0641Should our initial target not hold, there are a number of more interesting (and more supportive targets down below.)  Some key moving averages, in particular, are long overdue for a backtest.

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