Free Membership Preview!

Want a FREE Preview?

For the first time ever, prospective members can preview for an entire month at effectively no cost.  How?

Subscribe as a monthly member at the current rate of $200/mo and we’ll rebate you $100.  Then, within the next 30 days, upgrade to a quarterly, semi-annual or annual membership at the then-current rate, and we’ll rebate the other $100, too.

In other words, you can end up with an entire month of membership for free.  It’s as simple as that!

$  200     new monthly membership
  (100)     rebate
$  100     net cost
  (100)     upgrade rebate (within 30 days)

$      0     FREE!

Your new quarterly/semi-annual/annual membership will start when you upgrade.  Best of all, you can combine this deal with any other applicable promotion being offered at the time — including sale prices.

By the way, you needn’t start out with a monthly membership to get such a sweet deal.  Upgrade a new quarterly or semi-annual membership to an annual membership within the first 30 days, and your entire original payment will be credited toward the cost of your new annual membership — even if it’s on sale.

*  *  *  *  *

Years ago, I experimented with different ways to offer free previews of the website.  I tried offering free 2-week memberships, only to have some clever folks sign up every two weeks with a different email address.

I also tried offering the ability to cancel a paid subscription, only to have some (probably the same) folks sign up when something big was about to happen and then cancel 29 days later — sometimes, over and over.  I’ve even tried publishing the occasional open-access post, only to have paying members complain that I’m giving away what they had to pay for.

Another difficulty we’ve faced is membership sharing.  If you’ve been automatically locked out of your account because a buddy “borrowed” your log-in information, you know all about this one.  Instead, give him a link to this post and tell him to get his own membership!

The fact is, we offer some really great information and have had really great results.  I’d like to focus solely on charting and forecasting and hire other folks to do the back office stuff. This means increasing the number of members or increasing the cost of your membership.  Which makes more sense to you?

Naturally, our referral incentive remains in place.  Refer a new annual member and you’ll earn a cool $250 incentive as soon as they sign up.  Just drop us a line and give us the name and email address of your friend.  You can share it with them, or keep it all to yourself.

With the end of the year coming up, I have some pretty cool membership deals in mind.  But, why wait?  Take advantage of this offer and still enjoy the next.  This deal is good through Nov 20.  If things go well, look for it to become a permanent feature of the site.



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