Charts I’m Watching: Sep 16, 2014

Good channel resistance here… would make a nice turning point if the SMA50 is going to be tested.

2014-09-16-ES 15 0705

UPDATE:  5:30 PM

Coulda, shoulda, woulda…  Hilsenrath says the Fed will keep the juices flowing, and that’s all the “market” needed to hear.  I have no trouble believing it, as the end of QE is enough of a risk for the Fed without piling out higher rates in the near term.

Note yields sure look like they’ve run out of steam.  And, most of the time, plunge in yields = lower stock prices.

2014-09-16-TNX v SPX 60-min 1046

2014-09-16-TNX v SPX daily 1046

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