Charts I’m Watching: Nov 14, 2014

DX is almost to the .886 we’ve been watching…

2014-11-14 DX daily 0615
While USDJPY is running into TL resistance and might digest the week’s gains ahead of next week’s tax break news…

2014-11-14 USDJPY 30 0615

And, SPX is due a reaction at the red .618 if nothing else.  SMA10 is up to 2029 now and also marks the spot of a H&S neckline (red, dashed) that would target 2014.  I’m not expecting it to play out, but TPTB could pick any day to quiet the criticism of the never-ending rally.  Today is as good as any.

2014-11-14 SPX 30 0615

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