Charts I’m Watching: Jun 6, 2014

A lot of chop this morning in the futures following the jobs report.  In addition to USDJPY — which is mired in between all its daily moving averages,  keep an eye on SPX’s acceleration channel.

2014-06-06-SPX 60 0600

UPDATE:  11:20 AM

FWIW, SPX just tagged the purple 1.618 set up by the drop from 1897 to 1814 in early April.  In an unrigged market, not run by algos, I’d say this is a good spot for a reversal to at least the yellow 1.618 at 1918.36.  In a more normal market, maybe even the purple .786/yellow 1.272 at 1879.  In a market reflecting the real economic state of affairs, interest rates, earnings, etc. — more like 1800 or lower.

2014-06-06-SPX 60 0819

Enough “what-ifs.”  The bears will be lucky to get a gap fill at 1940.66.

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