Charts I’m Watching: Feb 27, 2015

Still on the road today, so today’s post will be brief…

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Yesterday’s call for a dip to the SMA10 was fairly accurate.  SPX reached 2103.76, which is about where the SMA10 was after all the dust settled.

2015-02-27-SPX daily 0838So, now we’ll look for the other shoe to drop.  SPX’s upside targets remain in place, and USDJPY shows no signs of spoiling the party at this time — with the white .886 or the previous high as a likely target to lever stocks higher.

2015-02-27-USDJPY daily 0830Interestingly, DX is coming up on the .500 retracement of the decline from 121 to 71.  It looks like a pretty good channel intersection as well.  Perhaps a reversal in next week or so?

2015-02-27-SPX daily MAs 0821GLTA.


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