Charts I’m Watching: Apr 29, 2015

DX reached our downside target of 95.667 overnight.  Note this is Fib and channel support, so we should see a significant rebound here.2015-04-29 DX daily 0615It meant a run up for EURUSD to test the last line of overhead resistance before open air…

2015-04-29 EURUSD daily 0615 …and a schizophrenic overnight session for USDJPY.2015-04-29 USDJPY 60 0615Turns out at least a few investors still care about fundamentals, with ES currently off 15 points and the opening bell onlly 5 minutes away.  Last week’s targets remain in place.

UPDATE:  9:40 AM

In a replay of yesterday’s opening, it’s CL to the rescue, limiting the opening drop for SPX to only 7 points before the algo juice kicks in.  Only this time, there’s a limit to the good it can do.2015-04-29 CL v DX 5 0640continued for members


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