Charts I’m Watching: Apr 20, 2015

Getting a bit of an early start this morning due to traveling…

Friday saw the repercussions of USDJPY continuing to operate below the SMA100 as our analog predicted.  USDJPY itself hasn’t fully given in to the downside.  The .618 at 118.02 remains the most obvious target.  It’s not much of a drop, but the potential implications for the yen carry trade are huge.2015-04-20-USDJPY daily 0140

Unfortunately for bears, CL continues to take up the slack — propping up stocks with no difficulty.

2015-04-20-CL v DX daily 0150

Friday saw a decline below the 1.272 at 57.43, but the ramp job in the past 24 hours, as usual, has driven futures higher.  The 60 min chart:

2015-04-20-CL v DX 60 0200

VIX and TNX continue to play footsie with bearish chart patterns — hinting but not committing.  TNX can’t seem to get below 1.85ish…

2015-04-20-TNX daily 0150

…and, while VIX popped higher on Friday, it hasn’t even broken out of the falling gray channel.2015-04-20-VIX daily 0145

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