Backtest Accomplished

Members, remember to request access to @pebbletrades if you’d like intraday notices of important updates.  Only about 20% of you are currently signed up, and I’d like to use it more often to signal when important target tags or changes to a forecast occur. If your identity isn’t discernible from your Twitter handle, drop us … continue reading →

OPEX Friday

Algos took off following yesterday’s “news” that a China tariff deal was in the works, ignoring the admission shortly thereafter that the news was, indeed fake.  Why no repercussions? Simple.  By then, ES had topped the H&S neckline — stopping out shorts who then piled in on the long side. VIX’s ongoing smackdown didn’t hurt … continue reading →

Strike One

Futures are off 7 points as we approach the open……up about 10 points from the overnight lows that saw VIX gap back above its SMA100.  While theoretically important, we often see these types of moves after hours — the sole purpose of which is to provide VIX an opportunity to break down the following morning. … continue reading →

Crunch Time

December 24 was a pivotal day. As we noted at the time, most of our downside targets, some from several months prior, were tagged [see: Throwing the Game.] ES reached our H&S target.  So far, it has bounced 13.3%.Oil reached our 43.50 target and has bounced 25.8%.RBOB reached our 1.2603 target and has bounced 16.2%.AAPL … continue reading →