The Other Shoe

UPDATE: EOD The Euro Mess is getting out of hand… Deposits by financial institutions in Germany off 12% since Jan ’10, 24% since Sep ’08.  France, oddly, not as bad at 6% and 14%.  Italy off 1% in retail dep’s (serious money’s already gone), 13% ($100B) by financial insitutions.  In other words, banks don’t trust … continue reading →

As the Wörm Turns

You can’t make this stuff up. Seriously, it’s got all the elements of a Hollywood drama.    From today’s WSJ: Jürgen Stark, chief economist (and chief hawk) of the ECB, just quit over the ECB’s decision to ramp up their version of QE.  It leaves three Italians on the governing council versus only one German. That’s … continue reading →

H&S Alert

Bears have been amply rewarded by the large H&S; pattern that completed in early August.  The new ones now shaping up will make that one look puny by comparison. Pure speculation, but if the H&S; and Butterfly patterns play out on the daily chart [The Big Picture] we would complete a larger H&S; pattern.  The … continue reading →