Does the National Debt Matter?

My call to American Express the other day… Nancy:  American Express, this is Nancy.  How may I help you? Me:       Hi, Nancy, I’m calling to request an increase in my credit line.Nancy:  Okay, I’m looking at your account, here… how much were you thinking about?Me:       I’d like to double it.Nancy:  Double?  That’s … continue reading →

Beware the Lies of March

Feeling bullish?  Excited about auto sales after headlines like these? Take a closer look.  From GM’s own investor relations website: Notice the 3.9% year-over-year decline from Feb 2011?  How about the 2.2% decline versus ytd 2011?  They’re made all the more negative when you consider the channel stuffing going on.  Channel stuffing, for those who … continue reading →

Why Worry?

Those wacky Fed governors are at it again — Bullard going on about how housing won’t recover for years, and Williams pounding the table for aggressive stimulation (QE.)  Big surprise, but the dollar is plunging — even as a House bill is introduced to strip the Fed of half its mandate (the stimulation half) and … continue reading →