If the US facing stagflation?  Or, maybe it’s already there.  Like artificially low interest rates and all-time highs in the stock market, the official economic data isn’t exactly alarming.  But, where’s the growth?  Where’s the spending?  Maybe, just maybe, the official data doesn’t paint a very accurate picture. It doesn’t take an economist to see … continue reading →

Striking Distance

This is day 8 of our membership promotion, running now through the end of the month for members and non-members alike. We’re offering a 25% rebate off the first month of Monthly and Quarterly auto-renew subscriptions. Annual memberships are available at a very substantial discount (rewarding those who act quickly!) Remember, the annual pricing is … continue reading →

Calm Before the Storm: Apr 26, 2017

After a furious VIX-inspired rally the past two days, futures are dead flat.  VIX’s continuing slump (-1.4%), USDJPY’s continuing ramp (+0.32%) and WTI’s continuing threat to break its SMA200 (-1.0%) seem to have perfectly balanced one another out.Depending on whom you ask, Trump’s tax plan due out later today will either provide a nice spark … continue reading →

Sometimes You’re the Bug

Note: First quarter 2017 results have been posted.  For the latest, including news about a membership promotion starting today, CLICK HERE. Sometimes you’re the windshield, Sometimes you’re the bug. Sometimes it all comes together baby, Sometimes you’re a fool in love. Sometimes you’re the Louisville Slugger, Sometimes you’re the ball. Sometimes it all comes together … continue reading →