Better Late Than Never

Looks like the initial targets for our analog should be set up by today’s currency and futures action — a day or two late, but reassuring all the same.

2015-04-03 USDJPY v ES 60Yen and euro strength and dollar weakness are accompanying a 20-pt ES sell-off just like the good old days. 2015-04-03 EURUSD v ES 60 0615Why? Crude light trading on Globex is closed for Good Friday, so CL is out of commission.  DX is free to plunge without igniting CL and, thus, ES.

2015-04-03 CL v DX 60 0615Will be fascinating to see whether or not USDJPY can close below its 100-day moving average (yellow) as the analog forecasts…

2015-04-03 USDJPY daily SMAs





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