All Eyes on AAPL

Three months after AAPL’s “breakout,” it faces its first real test.  As we discussed in August [see: Engineering AAPL’s Breakout] the stock burst out of a long-term rising channel with the aid of several well-timed increases in its stock repurchase program.

Now, it’s time to backtest that mediocre 12%-per-year channel it’s been in since 2010 and embrace its new and improved 36%-per-year channel.A drop to 200 or so wouldn’t do much to dent bulls’ enthusiasm.  Even a drop to the SMA200, currently at 192.17, could be passed off as a base-building exercise.

One key number in the middle is the open gap remaining at 195.96, a gap which would obviously be closed with a tag on the SMA200 and red channel bottom.All of these scenarios presuppose that, like many of its FAANG cohorts, AAPL will disappoint at least a little. Clearly, the company could turn out some great numbers. But, with the market’s ongoing rally depending on AAPL’s results, anything more than a minor disappointment could do some real damage.

Bears probably shouldn’t get too worked up.  Even if there were a disappointing number of people willing to shell out $1,500 for a fancier way of posting on Instagram or playing Fortnite, the company could always expand their buyback program by another $100-200 billion.

Stay tuned.


All Eyes on AAPL — 2 Comments

  1. agreed, the open space for AAPL to fade will allow the market to soften up and put in place a B wave until Election day. When Elections happen without much fireworks, then C wave rally can commence no matter who “wins”.
    Expecting strong jobs report tomorrow? ya would think so we can get another boastful tweet

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