A New Analog: Aug 3, 2016

I love analogs.  I love the way they lay out a clear, tradeable path, slicing through all the noise and the head fakes.  Our first was a doozy, correctly forecasting the 21% Jul-Oct 2011 correction with deadly accuracy [see HERE.]  Our most recent one, posted in Mar 2015, forecast the 12.5% correction that would occur almost five months later [see HERE.]

2016-08-03 analog 2015Although I dislike day trading, it’s become a necessary evil.  Gone are the days when a weak close practically guaranteed a weak opening the following morning. It’s just as likely, if not more so, to result in a gap higher.  Strong closes are almost as treacherous.

So, it’s always fun when a new one appears on the horizon and we get a chance to take some longer-term positions.

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