It starts out with a bright, buoyant red balloon, but goes downhill awfully fast.  (spoiler alert: a sewer-dwelling, child-devouring clown that somehow isn’t all that funny.) So it is with this market.  The S&P 500 has been floating along for over two weeks, close enough to 2500 to reach out and snatch it any time … continue reading →

Yellen: A Hawk?

In what were generally viewed as hawkish comments, Janet Yellen reinforced the widely held expectation of a rate hike in December.  USDJPY is rallying strongly in response. After struggling for the past week at the SMA200 and, more recently, at a TL off its recent highs, it is making a show of breaking out.  Needless … continue reading →

Say It Isn’t So!

When the Fed, which employs hundreds of economists and PhD’s says they don’t understand inflation, is there any hope left for humanity? Come on, guys.  It’s pretty straightforward…wouldn’t you say?  On the one hand, there’s the fairly significant $14 trillion in financial assets you’ve bought up over the past few years. Then, there’s basic commodities … continue reading →