A Dangerous Game

When markets are propped up for an extended period of time, the risk doesn’t go away.  In fact, the postponement increases the tension such that the unwinding — the eventual return to stasis — is often more violent than would otherwise have been the case. With the US elections only a week away, we have … continue reading →

The Magic Fun House Market

The economy is either growing rapidly or slowly.  Inflation is either spiking or disappointingly low.  Earnings are just great — except when they’re not.  Today’s “market” is like one of those carnival fun houses, complete with the curvy mirrors that distort reality — just, without the giggles. Futures sold off sharply after the close yesterday, … continue reading →

Distress Call

Yesterday started off well, with great calls early on (off a downside target of 2132.91, we went long at 2132.66 and took profits at 2145.65; the top was 2145.73.) The rest of the day was an aimless mess, as traders couldn’t make up their minds whether oil’s collapse or the barrage of bad DB news … continue reading →

George on Voting

Depressed over the state of American politics?  Still feeling the Bern?  Secretly hoping that the giant meteor “takes all” on Nov 8?  Enjoy the timeless wisdom of George Carlin who, in his own salty, inimitable style, offers a different slant on voting. …I believe if you vote, you have no right to complain. People like to twist that around, … continue reading →

State of the Website

I spent the weekend thinking about the current state and the future of our website, and wanted to share my thoughts. Trade Advices Our members include day traders, individual investors, family offices, brokers, investment advisors and hedge funds — each with different objectives, time horizons, risk tolerances, etc.  But, all are keenly aware that it’s … continue reading →