Memorial Daze

There’s an old saying: never let a good 3-day weekend go to waste when the market needs propping up in the weeks leading up to a rate hike. Not really.  I made that up.  I’m not sure it’s going to catch on, either.  But, it might…if more investors took a good, hard look at all … continue reading →

Will She or Won’t She?

Like nervous high school boys dressing for the prom, investors everywhere are wondering whether or not Janet Yellen will deliver the goods today.  Her fellow FOMC members have practically guaranteed a rate hike by July, maybe even June. There’s no better indicator than the US dollar, which has spent the past 10 days or so … continue reading →

Ludicrous and Ludicrous-er

I’ve been observing the CL algo nonsense for a long time, so I’m not easily shocked by the ludicrous goings-on there. This past week has truly set for records for ludicrous-ness (with apologies to Mrs. Seine, my 10th grade English teacher.) What’s my forecast for oil?  Whatever price is necessary to keep stock prices rising. … continue reading →