Still on Track

We left off yesterday with a rather bullish forecast through the end of the month based on CL and USDJPY continuing to push higher.  They both have, and futures have responded in kind. Note that CL exceeded the Feb 18 highs, invalidating a significant downside Fib Pattern, and will do the same to Jan 28’s … continue reading →


SPX plunged to just past our 1897 target yesterday, putting in a massive reversal that left it green on the day.  The reason, as most now recognize, was the 6% spike in CL.   We’ve been writing about this a lot lately [see: Manipulation Becoming Laughably Obvious.] But, of course, it’s no laughing matter.  The stock … continue reading →

The Cost of a Bull Market

Final 24 hours for our membership promotion…  If you’re tired of taking cues from perpetually bullish talking heads, this is a great time to take the plunge.  Volatility is high, and we’re racking up some great results [see: HERE.] has provided uncannily accurate market guidance since our first post on May 2, 2011 where … continue reading →