Membership Sale!

Welcome to our new Membership Sale! This has become something of a tradition for  We’ve done a few of them now, and they have proven very popular with both new and returning members.  It’ll run for the next few days.  The terms are pretty straightforward: $1,099 annual rate – 33% off the regular annual … continue reading →


Yesterday, SPX ran all the way down to tag our lowest target, producing some great numbers (3%+) on the day.  But, the close presented a challenge that I finally addressed with the following: FWIW, USDJPY appears likely to tag the bottom of its triangle tomorrow or overnight.  Would not be at all surprised if it … continue reading →

Update on NDX: Sep 24, 2015

I don’t chart NDX very often.  In my opinion, it’s one of the most manipulated indices. It constantly breaks patterns, almost always in a bullish fashion  So, I was surprised in late August when it plunged to a very reasonable and predictable level.  My cynicism was validated, however, by its subsequent recovery. continued for members…