The End Game

Things are on track for the big Butterfly pattern to complete very soon — even as soon as later this morning. For those who have been following this website for any length of time, this is a major milestone we’ve been anticipating since Mar 29, 2012 — shortly after this website was launched [see: All … continue reading →

Moment of Truth

With markets approaching potential reversal targets in numbers, next week should be the moment of truth for the Fed’s experiment in wealth creation. Targets from two days ago [see: Around the World] versus yesterday’s close: Index Nov 20 Target Recent High Nikkei 225 15,597 15,620 FTSE 100 677 671 NYSE 10,239 10,226 SPX 1823 1802 … continue reading →

Around the World

Today’s the biggest economic data day we’ve had in a while: Retail Sales Existing Home Sales CPI Business Inventories FOMC Minutes Just in case that’s not enough to move the market, many global markets are nearing important potential turning points. Japan’s Nikkei is nearing its .886 retrace of its drop from May 22 at 15,997. … continue reading →